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Dr Stephanie Willis - Chiropractor (B.App.Sc.(Clin.Sc.)/B.Chiro.Sc., DICCP, DACNB, CCWP)
Stephanie is the owner and founder of Inspire Chiropractic, and established the clinic with a strong desire to serve the families in her community. She has a true passion for learning and helping each person to achieve their unique health potential.
Stephanie's chosen area of clinical focus is pregnancy, and she’s passionate about educating women with the goal of better birth outcomes. Stephanie also loves caring for babies and children, and she is committed to improving the lives of the family unit by helping each unique family member to reach their potential.
Stephanie has completed a 3 year Paediatric & Pregnancy Diplomate Program (DICCP), and has published twice in a peer reviewed paediatric journal. She has also completed the 2 year, 16 module Clinical Neuroscience Diplomate Program (DACNB), and has extensive training in neuro rehabilitation and concussion. These programs have expanded Stephanie's knowledge of human function and every patient benefits from the application of this clinical knowledge.
Stephanie is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dr Rick Ames - Chiropractor (BSc, DC, FACCS, ICSSD, FACC)
Rick is a talented and experienced chiropractor who brings a great deal to Inspire Chiropractic.
Much of Rick's vast clinical experience has been in the area of sports. He has cares for athletes of all competition levels, and addresses the spine as well as the extremities (shoulders, knees, ankles etc.).  Rick believes that balancing the joint, muscular and nervous systems and using nutritional, exercise and positive attitude reinforcement provides a healing from injury that is second to none.
Rick sees chiropractic care as integral in influencing the joint, muscular and nervous system that provide the building blocks for health.  He bases his practice on the concept that health is a balance of physical, nutritional and mental well-being.
Rick is available Monday afternoon/evening and Thursday morning.