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Can chiropractors stay open during restrictions?


Yes we can! Thank goodness, I hear you say. 


Chiropractic is part of Allied Health, and has an important role in the healthcare system. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We’re being really careful to follow safety recommendations. We want to protect all of our patients and the general public.



Does the mandatory mask wearing apply to my visit to the clinic?


Yes, it does. 


You’ll need to wear a mask to enter the clinic, in line with the requirements for metro Melbourne and Mitchell shire. This applies to patients coming from areas outside of the mask zone. We also need you to keep your mask on while you’re in the clinic. 


If there’s a reason you can’t wear a mask, please let us know before you arrive at the clinic, so that we’re ready for you and nobody gets excited!




What steps are you taking to keep your clinic safe?

  • All chiropractors and receptionists wearing masks at all times
  • All patients must wear masks during their visit
  • Cleaning of treatment tables after every patient
  • Washing of doctor hands after every patient
  • Asking patients who have cold or flu symptoms to delay their appointment until it’s safe for them to attend
  • Wiping down of frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, bathroom taps, front desk and more) every hour or more often if possible
  • Completion of Department of Health Infection Control Training for COVID-19
  • Patients must sanitise or wash their hands on arrival, and more often if they cough, sneeze or handle potentially contaminated objects
  • Space between appointments to ensure minimal waiting and contact with others
  • Spaced out chairs to maintain social distancing
  • Removal of all toys, books, brochures, water etc


What about social distancing?


We’re spacing out appointments to make sure there’s as little waiting as possible. Sometimes we’ll ask people to wait in their car until we’re ready for them. In our waiting area the chairs are at least 1.5m away from one another. We also have some little sneaky waiting areas, so that we’re always keeping everyone separate and safe.


If you have any more questions about our Coronavirus response plan or policies, please feel free to contact us. Your health and safety are our biggest motivator through this pandemic.